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What’s new at Lindt?

We trekked up to the Lake George outlets this weekend, primarily for clothes and secondarily for some kitchen items.  Of course a stop at the Lindt outlet is inevitable.  As always, I was searching for a return of the Sorbettos.  As always in recent years, searching in vain.  Alas.

I did find this, marked ‘new’:


Dark chocolate and lime zest?  Yeah, I’ll try that.  Happily.


My wife picked out a little bag of the delightful European specialties and, of course, I caved on other item…

A pound bag of imperfect Dark Chocolate Vanilla Gourmet truffles.  As near as I can tell, the only imperfection I’ve seen is that a few are sort of stuck together just a bit (but that might have simply happened in the bag as they’re loosely packed, unwrapped, in a plastic bag), but mainly I think it may be because the drizzle, as you can see via that link, is supposed to be white and on these it’s just the same chocolate color as the rest.  $7.99 for the pound.  On Lindt’s site you get less than 7 oz for $22 (albeit a variety of flavors).  Great deal and tasty, too.

I’ll try to remember to update with some notes on the lime zest bar when I open it.