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Mountain Dew Baja Blast

I love Mountain Dew (original and some of the flavors, particularly Pitch Black).  I love lime.


So I was pretty sure that I’d be disappointed by the Tropical/Lime Baja Blast flavor which has crept out of the depths of Taco Bell in normal, standardized containerized form for a limited time.

And of course, I was.  There was a blast of somewhat limey smell when I first cracked it, but it sort of dissipated, oddly.  Yeah, hint of generic ‘tropical’.  Vague hint of lime.  I would have been happier with a full-on, Lime Blast flavor.

It’s not bad, easy enough to finish the bottle I guess.  Just not that exciting.  Super glad I got the bottle instead of having to buy a 12 pack.

Also: Bring back Pitch Black for another run, it’s been long enough.

Found at: Cumberland Farms on 146 in Clifton Park.  Also saw it at CVS.  It’s clearly around if you look.