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Honey Maid Go Bites


In addition to the Cotton Candy Oreos, I saw these at the Mohawk Commons Target, claiming to be ‘New!’  Little graham pockets with vanilla and chocolate filling.  They looked like an interesting little snack, especially if the pocket tastes like graham, not just generic cracker.

Troublingly, they don’t actually say ‘graham’ on the front.  They are made with graham flour, though.

Update: I tried the chocolate ones.  The amount of filling is weirdly inconsistent, some basically have no filling, others are pretty stuffed.  They’re quite crunchy (think dry cereal) and have little graham flavor.  They’re closer to a generic cracker flavor.  The filling, when there is enough to notice, is fine.  Tastes like any chocolatey filling you’re likely to find in this type of snack.  I give them a solid m’eh.  I’ll have no trouble finishing them off, a serving is a decent snack size of like 26 or so of them and size-wise, again, think large cereal pieces.  Plus you get 3 grams of fiber with a serving, which is a nice bonus.