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Cotton Candy Oreos

I had in mind to write something clever or funny or at least mildly entertaining once I found some new Oreos.  Well, Target in Mohawk Commons had the Cotton Candy Oreos.

Well, here they are

Well, here they are

Has the novelty worn off?  Has Oreo jumped the shark, yet?  Well, I’ll tell you one thing, the value is getting pretty lame.

Yup, 20 whole Oreos

Yup, 20 whole Oreos

The package of these was so noticeably smaller than the other Oreos it was comical.  The package looks half-sized.  The whole thing only has 20 cookies in it.  Who do they think they are?  Girl Scouts?

To add a little insult, I had to use a knife to open the convenient pull tab.


Yadda yadda…they smell like normal golden Oreos.  The creme smells typically sweet.  The pink creme does seem to taste different than the blue.  In fact the blue seemed to have little taste.  Maybe after a few more it will make more sense.

I suppose you want to know if they taste like cotton candy.  I don’t know.  I don’t think so.  Maybe slightly reminiscent of cotton candy, particularly in the aftertaste.  At least the creme.  Eaten with the cookie I just taste golden Oreo.  Seriously.  Maybe a hint of cotton candy when you first start to chew, but it’s quickly buried by the cookies.

Anyway.  This isn’t really a review so much as a ‘here they are, Cotton Candy Oreos’ sort of post.  These just don’t seem special to me.  Or interesting.  They’re a let down in a series of let downs (interrupted only by the Reese’s flavor).  I’ll be honest, I don’t see myself chasing down any other varieties unless something truly interesting, not just ‘different’ or ‘wild’ or ‘can you believe it?’ comes along.

Must do better, Mondelez.  I can’t even eat 20 of these.  They’re going to the office.

Update: Interesting that these weren’t touted as Target Exclusive from the beginning, but I see in Target’s flyer that they are.