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Target Exclusive Peeps

I don’t buy Peeps.  They really don’t do anything for me, neither fresh nor stale.  But I do love lime.

Peep Peep (Peep)

Peep Peep (Peep)


So it looks like Target has three flavors of exclusive peeps, Lemon, Lime, and Orange Delight.  The only one that tickled my fancy was the Lime, although our cashier did rave about the Orange.

I wasn’t until I just opened these that I saw that they’re actually “dipped in lime fudge”.  I was simply blinded by the lime.

OK, that was bad.

So you get a serious smack in the nose hole upon opening these, they absolutely scream ‘artificial lime scent’.  Pulling one out you see the fudge dip.

Peepy Profile

Peepy Profile

Actually, I was first trying to figure out why the bottom was so smooth and flat.  That’s when I went back and saw the fudge part.

So let’s eat this sucker.  He’s insanely sweet, of course, when you just bite the undipped part.  Super sweet and tangy with candy-like lime flavor, but also a zesty flavor that’s sort of nice.  It’s a limey Peep.  As for the fudge dip, well, it’s gross.  I mean, really gross.  Disgusting white chocolate-ish ick.  I’d give you a better description, but it’s really just a gross addition.  The poor Peep doesn’t deserve it.

I have no trouble suggesting that you give these a pass.  Just too aggressive.  The aftertaste is a sort of nice lime, but it’s just not worth it to me to put up with the rest.

If you’re a Peep aficionado, maybe these will be more to your liking.