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Chobani Concord Grape, yes you read that correctly

Maybe you’ve seen these at the store next to the Green Tea limited batch from Chobani.


Yeah, that’s blended Concord Grape, limited batch Greek yogurt from Chobani, a 2% fat selection.

It’s not great.  There’s something wrong with the taste.  I sort of get the concord grape flavor, which makes sense, it does have grape puree in it, after all.  It’s just that the grape flavor is overwhelmed by the tart Greek yogurt I think.  They just don’t play right together.

It’s not just a negative reaction to the Greek yogurt, Chobani is my go-to yogurt brand.  And I’ve been chomping concord grapes since I was a wee lad.  OK, actually squeezing, sucking, and swallowing concord grapes if you know what I mean, just the way my grandmother taught me.  No, these flavors just don’t make sweet music together.

The consistency is very thick, almost like a mousse or tempered gelato.  I don’t know how typical this is of the blended line, the only other one I’ve had is the fabulous vanilla chocolate chunk (that I can’t usually find anymore).

I’ve got another in the fridge from Price Chopper’s $1 each sale and I’ll eat it, but it’s not a favorite.


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  1. I tried this too and my reaction was similar. I think the green tea flavor is pretty good though. Something different if nothing else.

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