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Burger 3 at Burger 21

Chicken Parmesan burger

I went for another chicken burger, trying the Chicken Parmesan burger this time.  It’s described as:

Lightly-fried, homemade Parmesan crisp, white American and provolone cheeses, tomato sauce, toasted brioche bun

The Parmesan crisp isn’t visible here – a crispy disk of Parmesan rests on top of the other cheeses, under the top bun.  By now my distaste for fast food brioche buns should be well known, so you can see I swapped out for a sesame seed bun.  Good choice.  I poured the cup of tomato sauce over the top and ate away.  After the first couple of bites the crisp was no longer crisp and the flavor was lost in the sauce.

Overall, it was fine, well assembled and cooked, which has proven standard at Burger 21 so far.  At most other places this would be a plus burger.  But honestly I’ve already developed higher expectations for Burger 21, so this was just sort of OK.  If you’re craving this sort of burger it’s a fine choice, but I think they have better.

Only negative on this trip was a realization that the whole wheat bun is just a bit too crumbly.  Something’s wrong there, it’s very possible to make a whole wheat bun that is soft.

Fries still nice.  Thai ketchup awesome.  Great service.

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