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Burger King small order review

Desperate for a quick bite, I succumbed to the hype and stopped at Burger King yesterday on a long drive and tried some of their chicken nuggets.  Let’s keep this as brief as my visit:

They have a lighter, more granular coating than the thick envelope encasing McNuggets.  Way more “chickeny” tasting than McNuggets – more like one of those ‘make healthier nuggets at home!  hint: they’re baked not fried!’ tastes.   They’re cheap.  They’re just not that exciting.  I’m not even going to bother looking up the nutritional info (bad blogger!), they seem marginally healthier than McNuggets.  But I guess if I want homemade taste I’d make them at home and they really would be healthier.  If I’m buying fast food nuggets, I guess I want McNuggets.  These, to me, were closer to Wendy’s nuggets, which aren’t all that exciting, either.

I also added on a cheap bacon cheeseburger because, well, hmmm…why did I?  I guess the fact that I haven’t eaten at Burger King in years made me wonder if they’re as bad as many claim compared to the other two biggies.  It wasn’t offensive, really.  It just wasn’t really anything.  The bacon had some bacon flavor and was nice and crispy actually.  The burger itself was barely noticeable, flavorwise.

It was all just so very m’eh.

At least now I know.