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Help! Vanilla Frosting Combos

Anybody finding the Vanilla Frosting Combos locally?  I’ve got nothing but fail going on.  Walgreens in Clifton Park had a few but they sold out.  Not even a whiff anywhere else.


Update: Thanks to commenter Matt these were tracked down in Clifton Park.  First few I popped I have to say are…OK.  Just OK.  The ‘frosting’ is a bit off and has a peculiar aftertaste.  One comment I heard was that these were very sweet, I actually find myself wishing the frosting was sweeter…but then again I like sugary sweet frosting.  They’re…OK.


6 thoughts on “Help! Vanilla Frosting Combos

  1. I don’t usually see them there either. They were near the checkouts. I didn’t see them there this weekend. I did however spot them in a different place yesterday – – at USA Gas in Clifton Park (across the street from the exit 9 offramp off I-87).

  2. Walgreens on Rt 9 in Halfmoon has the Caramel Creme combos. I tried them and like them a bit better than the frosting.

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