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Frosted Chocolatey Strawberry Pop-Tarts are here

010515-1 It took a few stops, but we found these new Frosted Chocolatey Strawberry Pop-Tarts.  Not much to get into here.  Chocolatey, dry Pop-Tart shell with a not too sweet chocolatey frosting on top.  Strawberry Pop-Tart filling.  The filling is actually sort of pleasant.  I haven’t had a fruit Pop-Tart for years, maybe this is normal?  Decently fruity, not overly sweet.

ingredients ingredients ingredients..."filling made with equal to 10% fruit"  Wha-?

ingredients ingredients ingredients…”filling made with equal to 10% fruit” Wha-?

I kind of like the back:

2 outta 3 ain't bad

2 outta 3 ain’t bad

The Minotart is sort of funny, although the painfully months-out-of-date # below it is cringe inducing…the fact that I even recognize it tells me that no one ‘hip’ is still using it.  Prune Nacho Flop-Tarts?  I’m easy, that’s pretty hilarious if you don’t take it too seriously (although…where are the nacho Pop-Tarts??!!).  The bottom panel’s pretty lame, though.

want some?

want some?

They’re just not super amazing or anything.  Somehow they’ve combined strawberry and chocolate without it tasting luscious.  It’s surely the fault of the dry toaster pastry edges, as with most Pop-Tarts.  I did try heating one and I’d say there was minor improvement as the pastry softens slightly, but it wasn’t game changing. Found at Hannaford for something like $2.19.


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  1. I bought both these and the PB&J ones at Hannaford. I liked the PB&J ones much better, and would definitely buy them again. These, not so much.

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