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Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Minis are out

So, the mini Butterfinger cups are out.  Sorry, make that the ‘Nestle Butterfinger PEANUT BUTTER CUPS SMOOTH & CRUNCHY minis UNWRAPPED MINI CUPS’ are out.  I overpaid at $3.99 at Target for this bag since everyone’s been raving about how good they were going to be at this mini size (I haven’t tried the bigger cups).

They're here

They’re here

“EASY TO SHARE!”  Huh?  What happened to ‘nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger’?  “SMOOTH & CRUNCHY”?  Both?  What?  Stop confusing me, Nestle.

Fortunately I’ve got an open bag of bite-sized Reese’s peanut butter cups for comparison thanks to Christmas baking/candy making.  Check THIS out:

side-by-side comparison - fancy foodbloggery, y'all!

side-by-side comparison – fancy foodbloggery, y’all!

So you can see they’re a wee bit bigger than the Reese’s.  It’s easier to do two bites on the Butterfingers than the Reese’s.  They also scuff up a lot more, apparently.  Plus they have the signature square-ish thing going on.  After munching a couple (a couple go a long way), they do have a weird bit of crunch on top of the smoother peanut butter taste.  It’s sort of like there’s a thin layer of the typical Butterfinger crunchy filling on top of the peanut butter and under the chocolate.  So you get a quick crunch, then smooth.  I’m not thrilled by it, to be honest.  Overall they’re fine, but I prefer the Reese’s.  The peanut butter is a bit recognizable as Butterfinger-flavored, maybe that’s just a taste I’ve moved beyond?  I used to like a nice Butterfinger.  Now I’m not so sure.

You wanted to see the inside, too, right?  Bet you did.

You wanted to see the inside, too, right? Bet you did.

Have a holly jolly 2015.  May it be full of good eating.