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Ritter Sport Winter Edition Vanilla Crescent Cookie


True to my word, I made a point of searching out this second variety of Ritter Sport Winter Edition treats – Vanilla Crescent Cookie.  The all-knowing internet tells me that Vanilla Crescent Cookies are a light, slightly vanilla-y, Austrian Christmas cookie.

I was going to balk at the price at Fresh Market, but I had basically gone there just for these, so I guess I had to bite.

122214-2And bite I did.


They’re OK. I’m not over the, uh, crescent moon for them.  I was expecting a vanilla wafer type of center to these, surrounded by Ritter Sport’s typical decent chocolate.  What I wasn’t expecting was how soft these would be.  Instead of a crisp wafer, the center is almost…mushy?  Not really mushy, but really not crisp.  According to the date they’re fresh, plus they’re new.  I guess I just didn’t know what I was getting with them.  The flavor is fine, not too strong.  Dark chocolate would have obliterated the flavor of the filling, so milk it had to be.

So, yeah, they’re fine.  Not over $3 fine, though.  There are many better Ritter Sport flavors out there, but I guess if Vanilla Crescent Cookies hold some nostalgia or something for you (I’m looking at you, Europe), maybe these are dead on.

Found at Fresh Market in Latham for, yeah, $3.29.  Bit of an ‘ouch’ there.