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Ritter Sport Winter Edition Caramelised Almonds review

This is going to be an awfully short post.  After a bit of internal debate, I picked up this Ritter Sport Winter Edition Caramelised Almonds bar at the Fresh Market in Latham.  I didn’t really expect much, but I have been becoming a bit of an almond junkie after being pretty anti-nut for, well, decades.  I’m still not gobbling them down plain, but they’ve got some pretty awesome flavored almonds on the market nowadays.  And these, caramelized? Sorry, ‘caramelised’ Euro-style.  Why not?  Plus, that’s one fine looking package featuring a pretty good (square) snowman.

OK, here's the front

OK, here’s the front

Yeah, that's the back

Yeah, that’s the back

Breaking it on open (as usual, failing to get any sort of decent break by trying to snap at the break line), you see this:

Certainly nutty

Certainly nutty

Plenty of small bits of sugared up almonds in Ritter Sport’s milk chocolate.  So how are these?

Well, here’s where the review gets really short and ends.  Yeah, the chocolate may be a bit above, but basically…


(that said, I think I’ll put some effort into trying to get my hands on another Winter Edition they just posted on Facebook – Vanilla Crescent Cookie, apparently an Austrian Christmas cookie)