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Subway has gingerbread cookies

I basically never eat at Subway anymore except when they have pastrami, which they do right now.  When I stopped in for one recently I saw that they had a lot of advertising up for a new cookie flavor, gingerbread.

love me some gingerbread

love me some gingerbread

I asked how they were and got a positive review from the sandwich maker, but didn’t get one.  Today I gave in and treated myself to one and was very pleasantly surprised.

First, if you don’t like Subway’s cookies in general, you are less likely to like this.  I like their cookies, usually, with their not-at-all-homemade artificial undercooked-ish soft chewiness.  Not all the time since I prefer to make my own, but they’re fine with me.

This gingerbread cookie had that typical underdone chewiness, except it was probably 80% of the cookie instead of just the very center like with their standard chocolate chip cookies.  Just the outer shell was sort of crisped.  This really added to the gingerbread feel of the cookie.  It wasn’t overly spiced and I actually wanted just a touch more, but there were definitely gingerbread spices in there in reasonable quantities.  Nicely gingery.  A bit of that lingering spiciness that you get from actual gingerbread.  Sure, lots of other stuff in there, but coming from a fairly snobby home baker (with a taste for prepackaged junk food as well), big thumbs up for these.

That said, I don’t know that I want more than one at a sitting.  They’re a decent size, like all their cookies, and the dense, rich chewy center was ‘filling’.  Give ’em a try.

Found at:  Clifton Park Subway