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Why do you hate, Christmas, Walmart?

Stopped by the Glenville Walmart Supercenter today figuring that 3 days after Halloween the place would be totally Christmas-ed out with all the new Christmas snacks up and running.  But nope.  Some clearance Halloween stuff still remains for crying out loud.  Some Christmas stuff is out, but nothing very interesting, yet.

I did pick up some of those candy apple m&ms to try that haven’t gotten amazing reviews, but for less than a buck and a half I’ll give them a try.  Also got another can of bacon Pringles…yup, there’s still some of those LIMITED TIME ONLY bacon Pringles here and there.

(Update, CVS has made a pretty complete transition to Christmas.  Looks like Gingerbread Twix are back!  Yes!  I didn’t get any because there’s no way I’m paying full CVS price for them, but I will be picking some up at Walmart or on sale as soon as I find them.  Didn’t see anything else interesting at CVS.)