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Lay’s Stax – demolishing Korean BBQ

I’m sure that I’ve never had anything close to legitimate Korean BBQ.  However, Lay’s Stax version, Korean BBQ flavored, is simply amazing.  The ingredient list includes beef fat.  These are probably the first ‘meat’ flavored chip that I like.  And by ‘like’ I mean ‘could devour the entire can in one sitting’.

Yeah, the Pringles Bacon chips are good, I still have a can waiting in the wings (and they’re still on shelves), but they don’t taste like meat, really.  They taste like smoke.  And they’re fantastic, just not meaty.

These Korean BBQ chips are seriously meaty.  The chemical wizards have whipped up something that legitimately fools my brain into thinking I’m eating a nice cut of meat slathered with spices like you get a good American/Asian restaurants.  Just.  Like.  It.

These also have quite a kick to them.  Not burning hot, but spicy hot, that slow building, lingering burn of well-done spices that let all of the flavor of the meat come through before they pop you in the mouth and say howdy-do.  None of this in your face burning stuff.

Favorite product so far this year?  I think so.

But I haven’t opened the can of Thai Sweet Chili, yet 🙂  And I LOOOOVES me some Thai Sweet Chili.  (Update: Thai Sweet Chili is pretty lame)

(have to strongly disagree with Chip Review, I thought Lay’s NAILED these.  I think the problem is that they’re trying to compare them to authentic Korean BBQ instead of generic Chinese takeout BBQ flavor, which is more what these are.)


2 thoughts on “Lay’s Stax – demolishing Korean BBQ

  1. @ EUA – thanks for linking to our page, we appreciate the mention. And like we always say, to each their own! We’re not reviewing 3 star Michelin restaurants here, so everyone can have an opinion.

    That being said, we have to remain firm with our original assessment, these are not good crisps! And we whole heartedly disagree with many of the comments made in your review, such as:
    “nice cut of meat slathered with spices like you get a good American/Asian restaurants. Just. Like. It.” – Really? Seriously, really? A nice cut of meat…..no! No, no, no!
    “I think the problem is that they’re (Chip Review) trying to compare them to authentic Korean BBQ instead of generic Chinese takeout BBQ flavor, which is more what these are.” – Well, yes! We don’t compare cheddar flavored chips to carrots, we compare them against cheddar on chips. When a chip company labels a chip flavor as representing a certain flavor then we assume that they will try to accurately represent that flavor. Of course there are instances when that flavor does not represent what it is trying to, but still taste really good, and that isn’t even the case here!

  2. Hey, thanks for chipping in! (see what I did there?) Sorry, but I’ll stick by my love of these chips. They contain beef fat and you taste it. A nice piece of meat should give you the flavor of beef and a bit of rich fat. I get that from these. I certainly wasn’t looking for the taste of gristle or who knows what else. They’re chips. They’re not going to taste like a medium rare sirloin. I don’t expect them do.

    And I guess I’m willing to cut chip makers some slack on flavors. I love Bacon Pringles despite the utter lack of any bacon flavor. I see where they’re going with it and the flavor is evocative of what they claim the flavor is. “American Chinese” restaurants often have many different Asian cuisines on their menu. I easily and immediately taste the menu item these evoke. Even though it’s not what you’re going to get in Korea town in a place with no english menu. Given how little chips sometimes taste like their namesake, I think these did a heck of a job, even if they just remind me of the “Korean BBQ” I can get from a local Chinese takeout counter. They’re certainly closer than any of the latest Dorito batch to what they claim they are.

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