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Back to El Charro in Latham

As promised, we took another trip to El Charro for dinner to try some other dishes.  I think we were both happier with these choices, but again, I’d like to try something else.

Service was again generally good and definitely pleasant, but our food didn’t come lightning fast this time.  In fact, it took quite a while.  But given the small kitchen and very large group on the other side of the room, it was understandable and not a problem for us.  There was an odd sort of frenzy around the servers though (when not dealing directly with customers), which we couldn’t quite figure out since there were customers, but the tables were never all filled.  So, as last time, service was fine, but not overly impressive.  No complaints about it.

We stayed away from the fajitas this time.  Our entrees were a Taquitos Mexicanos, described on the menu as “Two beef and two chicken taquitos served with Spanish rice, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole”, and Enchiladas De Espinacas  from the vegetarian menu, “Three enchiladas with spinach, onions and tomatoes, covered in melted cheese. Served with spinach rice”.

The enchiladas were well received apart from the cheese, which seemed a little odd to my wife.  I thought it was OK, but I only had a bit.  The enchiladas themselves were tasty.  They needed a bit of sour cream (which you can get on the side for $1.00, but instead I donated most of mine from my taquitos).  The taquitos were pretty good, a very crispy shell (chew carefully, the roof of your mouth will thank you) surrounding either a finger-sized slice of beef or chicken.  Nothing was really spiced, which is an ongoing issue, and a bit dry.  I guess you’re supposed to eat it with the sour cream, guac, and veggies to liven it up?  It was better with some guac or sour cream or, best yet, topped with some of the salsa from the chips and salsa served when you’re seated.  The beef, compared to my experience with the fajitas last time, was 1000% better.  A bit moist and quite tender.  One of them was literally like pot roast, tearing easily into shreds.  That, my first of the four, was my favorite.  The meat even has some flavor.

The plentiful portions of rice had a bit of corn, peas, and carrot (plus one rogue lima bean) and was a little tastier than last time, but again I think kicking up the spice would be an excellent idea.  We also got a side of fried beans for $2.25, topped with some melted cheese.   It was plenty to share and typical of the dish.  They don’t come with many of the entrees and I always look forward to them at Mexican restaurants, so it was a wise addition.

With two soft drinks we came in under $30 before tip, which was acceptable.  So, yeah, give this new place a shot, it’s worth keeping around, although I think they could still punch up some of the flavors.  I’d like to see a bit more wild and a lesser helping of mild on my plate.  Go bolder, El Charro.  We’re going back.


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