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Boston Market’s “Burger” and Baked Beans

During one of our infrequent treks to Boston Market this weekend I was surprised to see a few new items that I hadn’t been expecting.  Since I was thinking of trying something different, I decided to get each of them.  First up was Boston Market’s BLT Chicken “Burger” which presents thusly:

BLT Chicken Burger

BLT Chicken Burger

I saw the sign and it looked pretty enticing, so I didn’t think about it much and just went for it.  I got it as a combo for an extra $2.50 with a drink and side.  That side?  The new, limited edition baked beans:

Boston Market's Baked Beans

Boston Market’s Baked Beans

Want to stop reading?  They were both really good.

The “burger” is just a pile of dark and white meat chicken pieces.  As is typical of their rotisserie chicken, it was all nice and juicy and the pieces were big enough that it all stayed together on the bun really quite well.  The whole leaf lettuce was fine, the tomato was nice and fresh, the way it ought to be this time of year.  The bottom bun was decently smeared with the roasted garlic avacado aioli.  It added just a bit more moisture to the already juicy chicken and helped hold things together.  It did get a bit drippy from the warmth of the chicken about halfway through, but it was fine.  Tasted alone you could taste the garlic, but it didn’t really come through in the sandwich.  As for the avacado, I tasted nothing.  No point to it.  It just feels tacked on, like ‘hey, we’ve got avacado on here, you all freakin’ love avacado, right?!’

Ok, so…the bacon.  Thick cut applewood bacon.  Hmmm…So the bacon was really tasty…but instead of the thick slice of bacon you see in the glamour shot, the chicken was topped with a decent pile of bacon bits.  Yes, bacon bits.  I don’t know where the disconnect was, whether it was supposed to be bits and the photo is just BS or if someone got carried away with the chopper.  It was real bacon, though, with good flavor.  Honestly, it might have worked a bit better than thick slices, but it was surprising.

The single downside, really, was the bun.  Brioche is just a consistently terrible choice for fast food restaurants.  It dries out and might as well be stale.  The flavor was acceptable, but the bottom bun, in particular, except for the center, was sort of dry.  It didn’t stop me from eating it, it was just a bad choice.  Just go with a plain sesame bun and call it a day.  Change that out and get rid of the token avacado and knock a buck off and they’ve really got something.

Beans, beans.  The baked beans were a nice complement to this “burger” compared to a lot of the other Boston Market choices.  There was nothing special about them, but they were tasty.  Just decent, straight ahead baked beans.  A bit sweet, but not overly so.

I really recommend both of these items.

Found at: Boston Market on Rt. 9.