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Celebrate! With candy corn?

I was vaguely intrigued by this Celebration Candy Corn from Brach’s after seeing them on The Impulsive Buy a while back.  I like fruit flavored candy, especially berries, and enjoy Brach’s candy corn every now and again.

Celebrate!  Be Kool.

Celebrate! Be Kool.

These are said to be strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry candy corn, also with real honey as is the classic candy corn from Brach’s.  I guess these are to celebrate Independence Day or Memorial Day or something.  Of course they’re made in Mexico, which you can see near the bottom here:

Celebrate America with Mexican candy!

Celebrate America with Mexican candy!

They’re also not as healthy as fresh berries…wait, you never thought they were? 🙂  But they’re not terrible and frankly I don’t think I can eat a serving of 19 pieces, personally.

When I eventually got into the bag (see the top? it claims to be an EASY resealable pouch, but it says nothing about easy to get into) I saw this:

Peek inside.

Peek inside.

and smelled a pretty standard candy corn smell.  I didn’t even get a hint of berry smell.  But, as you see, these are really attractive, beautifully made, bright colors.

Pretty, aren't they?

Pretty, aren’t they?

Yeah, the cutting board isn’t as pretty.  What can I say?  I cook and I use sharp knives on this cutting board.  Sorry, no fancy pristine light boxes here.

So, we’ve looked at them and smelled them, finally I popped one in my mouth and gave it a chew.  Honestly I basically just got ‘classic candy corn’ flavor on the first one.  Curious.  Despite the ‘different colors aren’t really different flavors’, which may or may not be true, I decided to give them a little nibble.

First up was the blue and I used my front teeth to nip it off and then grind it up and sort of mashed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, etc.  (OK, you don’t need to know all that…sorry.)  Again I got a lot of candy corn, but just after I swallowed there was a distinct aftertaste of berry flavor.  The ingredient list, naturally, includes natural and artificial flavors (and sesame oil for some reason).  I don’t know that I would call it ‘blueberry’ flavor, but if you want it to taste like blueberry, you can sort of get that.

Next up was the white vanilla center.  It wasn’t really vanilla-y, more like typical candy corn.  The same mashing did nothing more for the flavor.

Finally, the red.  As with the blue, there was a berry-like aftertaste, but it hit a bit quicker, maybe because it’s a larger piece.  Again, it was ‘berry’, but I could convince myself it was strawberry.

Finally, I ate another one whole.  This time, knowing what to expect, I got the gentle berry taste with it instead of just the candy corn flavor.

These are nice if you like candy corn.  If you don’t, I doubt you’ll like these, it’s not like they’re all berry-y.  I think they’d be fun to put out at a holiday gathering, they’re tasty enough, they’re obviously candy corn, so anyone that doesn’t like that will avoid them, and, as I said, they’re really pretty.

Found at: Hannaford on 146