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Greenmarket back outside

Wake up!  Winter’s over and the Schenectady Greenmarket is back outside wrapped around City Hall on Sunday mornings.  We didn’t make it to outdoor opening weekend last Sunday, but we’ll probably stop by this week, the weather is looking beautiful.  In particular I want to check out some of the new additions to the Greenmarket this spring.  It’s a little funny, we actually have an awful time remembering most of the names, we just know the faces of the people we usually buy from, so forgive me if I say something is new, but isn’t.

Though it seems like an odd thing to get at the farmers market, I might have to try an offering from Orapello’s Wood Fired Pizza.  There are already some excellent ready-to-eat options (including my favorite, Euro Delicacies), but this really stands out as new and interesting.  Their cart (you can see a picture on their site) is smaller than I expected, but looks like the real deal based on other similar vendors I’ve seen on food truck shows.  This right here has my eyes sparkling: “Our dough takes 24 hours to produce.” Yeah, it looks like they let their thin crust develop some flavor!

Bard Farm notes that they’ll be selling white strawberries.  Incredibly interested in trying those when they show up.

I’ve been thinking of sweetening more with honey, so I will likely be checking out the offerings of Ole McDonald’s Honey Farm (I think they started in the winter market, but we didn’t get anything from them, yet).  Note: website is bad 🙂  Like any newer farm, I suspect they have more important things to attend to than a flashy website.  Facebook unupdated since 2010 – yikes!

Pure Vida Fisheries has been there for a while, it’s about time we gave their offerings a try.

Red Jacket Orchards is intriguing.  I can see us trying some of what they have to offer.

I don’t think Tara Kitchen has had a stall before and they’re supposed to be offering “Fresh Moroccan sauces”.  Color me interested.