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Mystery Doritos Jacked

Well well well…what’s this all about, Doritos?

2 of 3 mysteries

2 of 3 mysteries

Test flavors?  I only got two of them, there is also “blue” (2653).  The numbers don’t seem to indicate anything.

There seems to be some sort of contest involving the winning of a grand in gold.  I guess Doritos were feeling shown up by Lays ‘Do Us A Flavor’ and weird Pringles flavors.  No more ‘let’s have a mystery flavor’, they decided to blast out THREE.

mystery contest - win GOLD!

mystery contest – win GOLD!

Popping them open…

orangey-red mysteries

orangey-red mysteries

The orange (404) is…orangey.  The red (855) is…wow, that’s pretty red.  Trying orange…

orange mystery

orange mystery

They smell like normal Doritos.  These are completely jacked up with flavor powder.  So it turns out I’m pretty bad at guessing flavors.  Taking a lick I get a blast of citrus,  but I can’t say I know what flavor they’re going for.  Another attempt at Mountain Dew Doritos?  Maybe some sort of alcoholic fruity drink?  Tequila Sunrise?  Maybe Margarita?

mystery orange ingredients

mystery orange ingredients

Brown sugar?  Well, they are sweet.  Molasses.  Onion, garlic…lime and orange juice solids!  30 fake colors…Shaun T isn’t going to be happy about this…

Oh well, on to red…

red mystery

red mystery

Ooooh, red.  Again, pounded with powder.  These smelled very much like the enchilada variety.  Tastewise I get a buffalo wing-y vibe – not a real hot wing, just the junk food snack equivalent – you know what that tastes like.

mystery red ingredients

mystery red ingredients

Paprika up high.  Sour cream?  Cayenne pepper sauce – yeah, these are nicely spicy.  You can taste the vinegar.  Onion, garlic, cheddar…buttermilk.  Aha!  I thought I tasted blue cheese!  Yeah, I’m going with some sort of hot wing flavor.  Which they already have.  Confused = me.

So, anyway, that’s what I got.  With my luck it’s the blue that’s fantastic, the one I passed up.  I’ll be able to finish these, but right now neither one is blowing me away.

The only hit on the web I’m seeing is from Advertising Age.  And supposedly they’re not supposed to be on shelves until tomorrow (Saturday the 19th).  Whoo-hoo!

Found at: Clifton Park Price Chopper

(Thanks to our friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy for his Twitterfication of this post – you can read his reviews here and stalk him at Twitter here)

-Boy, you guys sure like your Doritos. This post has ~6 times the hits of my next most popular post. Thanks!

Follow-up: So I finally picked up a bag of blue.  They’re OK.  I think if you try hard enough you can taste the chocolate.  I really can’t pick up any bacon in the bag I have, though.  They’re pretty spicy, too, in a ‘sneaks up on you’ kind of way.  No, I guess I haven’t got a clue what these are supposed to be, either.  I’d have to say I’m down with those pegging Blue as ‘mole’, I guess.


15 thoughts on “Mystery Doritos Jacked

  1. The blue ones taste like a combo of sour cream, bbq, some sort of smoky flavor (maybe chipotle), and a bit of heat. Not too bad!

  2. Sweet. Maybe I’ll have to give them a try after all. My thought at the store was that they were going to be Jacked Cool Ranch-ish. Purely a reaction to the color.

  3. Hmmm…jerk? I didn’t think of that. I would expect a little more spiciness from these if they were jerk, but I guess it could be. The blue has chocolate?? Very interesting indeed. Maybe I’d better get a bag. Thanks for the info!

    • Hmmm…parm? There’s cheddar and blue, but no parm (not that a combo of ingredients can’t generate a different flavor. I’ll have to see if I detect that when I open it back up – I’m eating the orange and resealed the red for now).

  4. I think the blue definitely has a smoky flavor, almost like honey barbecue but sweeter and jacked up with a little more spice! The Orange is a bit more mellow and seems to have some sort of cheesy flavor, I cannot pinpoint exactly what it might be though. I haven’t tried the red yet, but I’m definitely interested in trying it, as some of the community’s comments on it seemed to be positive.

    • It’s definitely a little weird, although personally I don’t find it horrible. Still, based on other reviews starting to pop up, Orange 404 is sounding like the least popular.

  5. I’ve tried all 3 and this is my analysis:

    Flavor 2653- Mole
    Flavor 855- Chile Rellano
    Flavor 404- Shrimp Ceviche

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