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Review – Angie’s Holidrizzle Frosted Cupcake Kettle Corn

You know those generic soft sugar cookies that all the supermarkets have in the bakery section with the hard sugar frosting layers on top?

Do you think this review is going to go well for Angies’s given the line above?  Exactly.

excellent packaging

excellent packaging

No doubt Angie’s went all out with the packaging for the Holidrizzle Frosted Cupcake Kettle Corn, it looks fantastic and cheery and totally dolled up for Easter.  Easter bunny and eggs hidden in the grass and everything.  I was really excited about trying this, it sounded great, looked great, the Gingerbread Holidrizzle Kettle Corn is fantastic, and SPRINKLES!

I picked these up at Target a while ago and finally got around to popping them open.



There wasn’t going to be much of a shot of these tasting like “purely fresh-baked” cupcakes.  But I had high hopes for the frosting drizzle.



Doesn’t look bad.  And, yes, plenty of festive sprinkles.  The kettle corn itself is fine, Angie’s makes a fine kettle corn.  However, where it all goes wrong is the Holidrizzle.  Instead of a tasty cupcake frosting, we get a hard, plasticky, fake-tasting coating just like those supermarket cookies.  Plus some crunchy sprinkles.  The smell in the bag is immediately reminiscent of any generic vanilla flavored bakery item.

Texturally, they’re fine.  The hard-drying frosting is presumably what keeps the kettle corn from getting soft, which is appreciated.  I can see that a lot of thought went into this, it just doesn’t work, the flavor isn’t there.  Unlike the luxurious tasting Gingerbread version, this is just a let down.  Maybe children will like it.

I think you can find something better to fill your Easter baskets.  Better luck next time, Angie’s.

Found at: Mohawk Commons Target, Niskayuna


Update: I ate two more pieces of this and then had to throw the bag out.  Yeesh.


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  1. Maybe you got a bad batch or it wasn’t fresh because the bag I got was delicious and the frosting with creamy.

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