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Surprise! Fruit Punch Oreos at Walmart

Whoa!  Where did these come from?  Settling in with the Sunday paper today I glance through the Walmart grocery items and see this:

Fruit Punch Oreos at Walmart

Fruit Punch Oreos at Walmart

Walmart exclusive Limited Edition Fruit Punch Oreo?!  Internet search turns up nothing on these, if there’s anything about these, it’s buried, get zero in the first couple of pages of hits using the simple “fruit punch oreo” search.  They’re not even on ebay, yet.

Update – 3/31 – Glenville Supercenter – Fail.  Neighborhood Market Niskayuna/Schenectady – Fail.

Update – 4/1 – Clifton Park Supercenter – Fail.  And now the Junk Food Guy has already gotten his Dorito cheese powder covered mitts on them.  Grrr…  Seriously?  If you’re going to advertise a new product in your weekly flyer – YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY HAVE THAT PRODUCT IN STOCK SOMEWHERE!


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