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Munch Pak, back on track

I really hadn’t planned on mentioning my Munch Pak subscription again unless they sent me something really unusual and spectacular.  In fact, after last month I was actually thinking of giving it up, there wasn’t much value for the money, to be honest, in that box and a couple of things really stunk.

March munchings

March munchings

But when March’s box hit our doorstep today…wow!  Look at that thing!  I’m not going to list the whole inventory, but I was blown away.  Oreos, THREE kinds of Pocky (strawberry cream, chocolate pie, and green tea again), two kinds of Japanese crackers, Hello Panda crackers, two granola bars, a pack of Big League Chew, some UK mints, a whole box of strawberry pastry things, barbecue jerky…yeah, the Tuna salad and crackers, that’s a little odd.  And that’s not even everything in the box.

Tough act to follow, but yeah, they’ll keep us as customers for at least another month.

(We have now unsubscribed to MunchPak.  Too many things that went straight into the garbage or tossed after one taste.  I guess I was looking for worldwide tasty snacks, but was instead getting worldwide interesting snacks.  In the end, I’d rather put my money into tasty snacks I know rather than the garbage can.)