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Birthday Cake artificial flavor m&m’s in brief

After some initial hesitation due to some less-then-stellar reviews, I decided to jump on CVS’s current m&m’s sale (2/$5) to try to the Birthday Cake artificial flavor.  If these were white, I’d have never given them another thought, but since they went with milk chocolate I decided to try.

The reviews I’ve seen range from ‘they taste like normal m&m’s’ to ‘disgusting’ to ‘yeah, there’s a hint of frosting there’.  I’m in that last camp.  With a bag of these.

The smell on opening the bag is not milk chocolate m&m’s.  There is a touch of vanilla-y frosting.  Could I be imagining it, like many have said was the case?  Power of suggestion from the tasty-looking chocolate cake with white vanilla frosting on the bag?  Could be.  But after snacking on them a few times, I think it’s for real.  There is more than just normal m&m’s taste going on.  The taste that lingers a moment on the tongue is that of vanilla cake frosting.

Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting is probably my favorite cake.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it is.  (The Blue Ribbon Diner in Schenectady makes a fantastic one.)  So I’m coming at these with some experience.  Also, I don’t really like ‘plain’ milk chocolate m&m’s anymore.  Oh, I’m all over the peanut butter, dark chocolate, peanut, dark chocolate with peanut, and, yes, gingerbread.  But not the plain.  These are not just bigger plain m&m’s.  I wouldn’t like that.  I like these.

The aftertaste lingers just a while and then is gone, leaving just the hint of sweetness of frostings past.  That said, I have no trouble not devouring the stand-up bag of these.  A few is plenty.

I think they’re worth trying.  I like them.  Will I buy more?  Hmmm…probably not, but I’m glad I gave them a shot.

Found at: Clifton Park CVS on 146