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Lindt Milkshake Candies

These are just plain fun (and really tasty).  I spotted this box of Lindt Milchshake-Pralines at the checkout counter of the Lindt store at the Lake George Outlets.  I actually dithered at first and paid for my bag of assorted European specialties.  As soon as I signed the slip I decided to get a box and got out my card again.  I think they were on the order of $12, a little pricey, but they looked really neat and yummy.


Milkshake Chocolates

I mean, just look at them!  Bing Translator tells me that “praline” in German is just “chocolate”, so these are milkshake chocolates.  You can see from the box that there are three flavors and each has three distinct layers.  There’s a chocolate, strawberry, and the one I was most hesitant about, peach passion fruit.  Let’s crack them open.

So bright and lively looking.  4 of each.

So bright and lively looking. 4 of each.

Fun molded top.

Fun molded top.

There’s nothing difficult to describe with these.



These are simply delicious, all three flavors.  You can see from the bite above of the peach passion fruit flavor that the three layers are clearly defined.  The top layer is an extremely bright blast of fruit, very sweet.  The milky layer is creamy and mostly just a separator.  And at the bottom a thick puree of fruity flavor.  All surrounded by just enough chocolate to hold it all together.  The other flavors were similar, except for the chocolate, which has no fruit, of course.  The chocolate layers instead are a creamy fondant at the bottom and more rigid, almost firm pudding-y top?

If you get a shot at these, they’re well worth picking up.  They seem like they’d make a great gift, too.