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Here comes Santa Claus (Twix)

Another item that took two trips to Target to decide on.  They just seemed like they’d be really neat, through the package you can feel two head-shaped candies.

What did you bring us, Twix Santa?

What did you bring us, Twix Santa?

So, dive right in?

Hoo boy!

Hoo boy

Hmmm…OK, so Santa’s a wee bit creepy looking, isn’t he?  Well…isn’t he?

Yup.  Creepy.

Yup. Creepy.

You bet he is.  And a bit angry, I think.  And, while it wasn’t on purpose, I guess I took this picture with him right next to the package Santa, who looks much friendlier.  I think it’s the flat eyebrows.

Let’s bite his beard off, shall we?

Santa Twix exposed.

Santa Twix exposed.

Without getting out instruments, I’m going to go ahead and say that cookie is a little thicker than a normal Twix cookie.  It certainly tastes it.  As you can see, the caramel is nice and thick, too, with a good pull.  The thick chocolate shell is pretty normal.  All in all, I find this far superior to eating a normal Twix bar, it was a good size, nice and chewy, great crunch.  Really all that’s missing is to go with the gingerbread caramel from the Gingerbread Twix.  My mouth is sad that I didn’t pick up the 6-packs of these that Walmart has, but my waistline is thankful.

So far Twix is winning Christmas.