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Greenmarket haul

The Schenectady Greenmarket posted recently that this weekend is typically one of their busiest.  No wonder, as today was the first day it really felt like the farmers were really packed with variety.  Cauliflower, corn, fruit, etc.  I went early, thankfully, and came home with a fridge-ful and significantly less green in my pocket.  Links to individual sellers are available at the Greenmarket’s site.

Bella Terra Farm – Ground beef destined for burgers, including one for tonight wrapped around a hunk of gorgonzola cremificato from The Cheese Traveler

Quincy Farm – a nice cucumber for salad

Barber Family Farm – first cauliflower (of many to come) of the year from one of our favorite farms along with a zucchini (to be simmered in tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella…mmmm) and some big, tasty grape tomatoes

Hope Valley Farm – at least I think it was Hope Valley that sold me a bunch of kale to try making kale chips for the first time (m’eh, not a fan so far)

Painted Goat Farm – grabbed a tub of Strawberries and Cream goat cheese, seems like by the time we usually decide to try this, they’re sold out for the season, so this year I didn’t wait – can’t wait to try it

Maynard Farms – rapidly developing into a favorite, loaded up with plums, early peaches, and snow peas – already tried a plum and it was FANTASTIC – messy, juicy, sweet, delicious

The Greenmarket is in full swing and we’ll try to get there every week to load up on the freshest produce.

And to top it off, picked the first 4 blueberries off our bushes for the season – wow, those are good.

(Welcome, Schenectady Greenmarket Facebook followers 🙂  Thanks for stopping by…don’t forget to stop by the Greenmarket or your local farmer’s market for fantastically fresh produce.)