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Shopping alone

There’s a reason I shouldn’t be allowed to shop alone…particularly on a slow Saturday late afternoon in a mostly empty Hannaford that we don’t often visit when I can just wander and look at new things.


I was pretty hooked on Mike and Ikes not too long ago, they were my favorite fruity, chewy candy for a couple of months before I got sort of sick of them.  While a ‘New Look!’, these aren’t new at all, just new to me.  Candy Blog reviewed them back in 2009.  (I should apologize for the poor photo quality at this time, also.)  I picked them up, put them down, picked them…into the cart.  Despite the flavors not looking all that new or exciting, yeah, I got sucked in by the whole “italian ice” thing.

The cherry has a nice cherry taste, quite tart.  Given that cherry isn’t a typical tart flavor for candy (as far as I know), I figured ‘tart’ was going to be the overarching theme for these italian ice candies.  The lemon, naturally tart, had a nice, bright lemony flavor.  The watermelon was not so nice.  Like an amped up Jolly Rancher.  Not terrible, but I’m not a fan.  The blue raspberry had, actually, not much flavor beyond a bit of tartness.  I guess if I really tried I could imagine this being like a blue raspberry slush puppie.  But not much going on here.  The orange beat out the cherry to be my favorite.  A nice, strong, tart orange candy flavor.  I’ve always bordered on orange being my favorite candy flavor, especially as a kid.  Some of that came back here.  I liked these a lot.

Then I stumbled across this:


Cabana Cherry Lemonade.  (I hope this isn’t actually their website – yikes!)  I started to grab a Tropical Mango, because I love mango lemonade (I actually already had 3 nice looking mangoes in my cart), but then I scanned just a bit more to the right and there was this one.  Hmmm…cherry.  I’ve been on a real cherry kick, lately.  I’m trying to…well…not ‘quit’ soda, but certainly cut way back.  I have been picking up some more ‘gourmet’ bottles of quality soda, but only those sweetened with sugar (mostly).  They’re just a treat now, not an almost-everyday sort of thing.  I’m not an anti-artificial sweetener type, but I’m more and more convinced that, while they’re not directly doing harm to me, the way our bodies seem to react to them isn’t helping anything.  I think we’re probably better able to handle good old fashioned sugar.  I didn’t read this one far enough.  I saw that it was sweetened with cane sugar, but it’s also got stevia in it.  Whoa, got off track there.  Anyway, most of the soda I’ve been picking up has been black cherry flavor.  I don’t know that I’ve seen cherry lemonade before, so of course I had to give this one a shot.

(update: This isn’t a winner.  It has a fair cherry taste to it, but the cherry doesn’t play all that well with the tart lemonade.  I guess that’s why you don’t see cherry lemonade.  Plus there’s a bit of an odd aftertaste, it doesn’t linger too long and isn’t gross, it just isn’t that nice.  It was improved, like most things, with splash of lime juice.)

Lastly, this one I wavered on, but clearly eventually gave in.  See?  I shouldn’t be shopping alone.


I think I’ve seen these Smartfood Selects, but I haven’t tried any.  I haven’t had Smartfood for a while, but I always thought it was pretty good.  Given how much I loved the Cinnamon Sugar Kettle Corn from Popcorn, Indiana, I caved in seeing this Cinnamon Brown Sugar popcorn.  It’s not kettle corn, but we’ll see if it makes a difference.  I’ve used to put cinnamon sugar on my popcorn, so I’m excited about trying this.  Will be interesting to see if the fact that it’s brown sugar makes much difference.

(update: This is a solid ‘B’.  Nothing earth shaking, but I still like popcorn with cinnamon sugar on it and this has a healthy coating.  The brown sugar is there, but it’s in no way all up in your face…I’d be hard pressed to say I could taste the molasses aspect of the brown sugar.  I don’t know that I’d buy it again, but I’ve slowly been popping handfuls into my face, the bag is lasting quite a while.)

So, there you go, three new-to-me products that all leapt into my shopping cart at Hannaford.  I’ll update with reviews when I start breaking into these.