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Something fishy

So have you seen these new (sorry – NEW!) Goldfish Puffs?  I saw this bag hanging around the dollar bins at the front of our local Target.  Although they rang up for 99 cents oddly enough.  They had a cheddar flavor, but of course I went for the Buffalo Wing.  This bag holds two servings.


I’ll be honest, with no pictures and an opaque bag, I had a feeling these were going to be some sort of puffed snack with no shape.  Slightly apprehensive, I popped open the Puffs.

IMG_0182Hey, look at that!

They’re sort of goldfish shaped.  Not very good goldfish shapes, but it’s there.  They’re bigger than regular goldfish, about twice as large.  Popping a Puff I got a mouthful of vinegar.  “Ah, I see they’ve gone for the vinegary ‘buffalo wing’,” I said to myself, slowly chewing.  They’re sort of puffed, but not air filled.  It’s a dense chew, not like a Jax type of airiness.  Not crunchy like the standard goldfish, though.  Texturally, I like them, but am not blown away.

Flavorwise they’re not bad.  Lots of vinegar, but I can see ‘buffalo wing’ in a ‘we don’t think you really know what buffalo wing should taste like’ sort of way.  Notable ingredients include dehydrated cayenne pepper sauce (hello, kick) and dehydrated blue cheese.  Butter.  Buttermilk.  Enzyme modified blue cheese.  Interesting.  Some legitimate stuff in here.

The bite is for real.  After eating just a few there is a gentle, lingering tingle on the front of the tongue.  Certainly not fiery, but if anything beyond ‘mild’ makes your eyes water, these are going to make you cringe.

I’d like a bit more airiness to a ‘puff’, but these are a solid B.