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Polish eats in Latham!

Fest season in the Capital region is in full swing.  The big Greek to-do in Albany just finished up recently.  Now we’re getting into our two personal favorite Fests and can’t wait.

First up is the PolishFest at the “Blessed Virgin Mary of Czestochowa Church conveniently located at 250 Old Maxwell Rd., Latham, NY just off I-87.”  Despite an abundance of all things Polish, we generally just stop in for the food.  Our tenuous link to this fest is my wife’s Polish ancestry.  She prefers the potato and cheese pierogi and I get the typical kielbasa sandwich.  The desserts are always scrumptious, too.

Looks like some new additions to the menu this year – look out waistline.  Not sure what “Polish pizza” is, but we’ll take a look.  Also on the menu is potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane, apparently).  I suspect we’ll be downing some of those.  I also see that the kielbasa is on a rye roll, I don’t recall that in the past.  Of course, you could just get kielbasa on a stick this year, too.  Interesting.  I’m also curious about the Polish stuffed green peppers – I’m generally a stuffed pepper fan (don’t tell my gagging [redacted]-years ago child self that!), I might have to take one of those home if they look good.

Get some fantastic Polish eats, Albany, supposed to be FANTASTIC weather this year, unlike last year.  Stay cool.

Next up – celebrating my heritage at ArmenianFest in Watervliet – lamb, here we come!

(There is also the St. Basil’s Greek Fest in Troy this weekend.  We went once…sort of…if you count walking through it and back out.)

Update: PolishFest – check.  Some good and bad to report this year.  The roll for the kielbasa didn’t seem any different.  That’s neither good nor bad.  They moved the desserts out of the big tent, which is probably a good idea.  The Polish Pizza didn’t seem interesting, but we didn’t try it.  Didn’t follow up on the stuffed peppers, just too hot.  Seriously, it was steamy, although not bad for lunch under the tent in the shade – feel sorry for those dancers in their full-blown folk outfits – yikes.  Kielbasa was still good.  Pierogi, a buck a piece, have shrunk significantly in size, probably half the size they were last year.  Good, but a buck for a bite-sized pierogi?  Hmmm…not good.  The potato pancakes were a joke, oily pre-formed frozen patties for a buck a piece.  Limp, largely tasteless.  C’mon, folks, you’re better than that.  They looked like a soy ‘chicken’ patty.  Sad.  Much less of a ‘homemade by the church ladies’ feel than ever before.