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(Don’t) Live Free, Diet!

(ok, lame post title, obvious, etc.)

Live free or die, New Hampshire?  Ah, those were the days, eh?  So much for that –

MANCHESTER — Cupcake-filled birthday parties could become a much rarer occurrence in city schools under a new nutrition policy given preliminary approval by school board members Tuesday.

Teachers would be encouraged to have only one group birthday party a month, rather than one for each student, under the revised policy, which was approved by the board’s Coordination Committee.

In addition, the policy would limit holiday parties to one per month, “unless nutrition standards for healthy snacks are followed.”

And there goes another rite of childhood for another group of children.  It’s funny (not ‘haha’ funny) – all of these new draconian anti-obesity rules and laws are being set by people whose parents managed to eat a cupcake or some bacon, yet their own inability to control themselves, resulting in a surge in obesity, means that instead of being allowed to live (and eat) free as they were, everyone else should be punished for their lack of control (which they have passed on to their springy offspring).

I can’t help but be reminded of a recent post over at Spoil Your Dinner about Cracker Jack.  I remember (admittedly lame) Cracker Jack toys.  Apparently now the best you can hope for is a sticker or rub on tattoo or something.

And we can’t forget poor Cookie Monster.