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Osrac YaeMr

Methinks Oscar‘s a little mixed up and confused.  Basically they are now going for the ‘be everything to everyone’ demographic…nice work if you can get it.  Seriously, look at the range of what they’re offering now, in addition to the old standbys:

What’s that?  You want hot dogs but you want to be healthy, too?  Oscar’s got you covered:

chickendogYes, that would be a chicken breast hot dog.

What?  ‘Screw that!’ you say?  Healthy-shmealthy?  Dare we say…

bacondogBacon dogs?  Yeah, you heard Oscar…BACON dogs.

(update: these received a less-than-stellar review on The Impulsive Buy.  Unless “like hot baloney” appeals to you?)

But the OM also makes those Lunchables – aka salt licks for kids.  Oh, but they’re not just about the salt now.  Just look at what the Junk Food Guy spotted: Lunchables Snack Duos.  Hey, sweet.  Fruit and veggies?  Crackers and cheese?  Pffft.  Right.  When your tubby little 6 year old needs a man-sized snack for their man-sized appetite you need a little snack…like tortilla chips and salsa AND mini oreos!  Or how about a little something to tide them over between 10:00 snack and lunch?  Just a nibble?  Maybe some celery?  An apple?  No…S’MORES DIPPERS!  Honey graham crackers AND marshmallow creme AND chocolate chips!

But then they’re offering ‘healthier’ Lunchables with smoothies and such.

I don’t know what they’re playing at.  All I know is that it’s a little creepy…but not as scary as the Lunchables Facebook page.  Hey, kids, it’s bikini season!  Have some S’MORES DIPPERS!  And all the parents commenting on there about stuffing their kids full of these things.  Yikes.