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Wendy’s flat

Well, well, well.  Wendy’s recently decided to launch a couple of flatbreads, leaping ahead, well, into the past when flatbreads were all the rage.  Fortunately for them, they seem to have at least gotten it pretty right given their late entry in this market.


They look pretty tasty, right?  Well, surprisingly enough for fast food, they actually sort of looked like that and, yes, were tasty.  In fact, the Smoky Honey Mustard was tasty enough that my wife has had two of them.  I finally decided to give the Asiago Ranch a spin last night.  I should point out that I’m already pretty much a sucker for anything ‘asiago ranch’ at Wendy’s.  It’s a flavor profile they do well as far as I’m concerned.

Nutrition wise, they’re not a bad option.  At just 370 calories for the Honey Mustard and 530 for the Ranch, these aren’t belly busters.  Both contain tomatoes (expectedly lame this time of year) and lawn clippings…uh, “spring mix”.  Sorry, I’m just a romaine kinda guy when it comes to sandwiches.  A (very) generous splurt of sauce and surprisingly filling quantity of chicken folded up in a multigrain flatbread.  The Ranch also has asiago cheese and a couple pieces of typically lame Wendy’s bacon.  Take that off or ask not to have it and save 90 calories if you want.

Let’s break it down a little more.  The bacon, as noted above, is worthless.  Hard, cool, and flavorless and adding 90 calories and almost 25% of the sandwich’s fat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon, but this wasn’t worth the trouble, I honestly tasted zero bacony goodness.

The veggies were what they are – limp, sad, April tomatoes.  The lawn cli…spring mix was mostly inoffensive, no bitter tang or anything.  I guess it’s fancier than romaine and certainly a better choice than iceberg.

The cheese and ranch were typical of Wendy’s – very tasty.  My one complaint would actually be that they’re actually a little too heavy with the ranch.  I don’t know if they used the ‘recommended’ amount or not, but of the three we’ve bought so far, all were pretty heavily sauced.  2/3 of what was provided would have been sufficient.  A secondary problem was that the ranch was just too dang cold.  In such a large quantity, squirted all over my warm chicken, well, by the time I got about halfway through everything was sort of cool and then cold by the end.

The chicken was fine, nothing special, perhaps a little dry, covered up by all the sauce.

Finally, the multigrain wrap.  I don’t want to call this the best part, but I was impressed.

  1. It has definitely come by the name ‘multigrain’ honestly.  They’re full of various grains and seeds, in fact the ingredients read: “millet, natural sesame seed, flax seed, rolled oats, cracked wheat”.  Wheat flour, malted barley flour, some molasses in there.  Sure, it’s not super all-natural, but there’s a lot of good ingredients in there and in there in sufficient quantity that you know they’re in there with simple visual inspection.
  2. It’s tasty.  Breaking off a corner and sampling it by itself showed the wrap to be tasty indeed.  No bitterness.  Soft-ish.  Firm crust and reasonably flaky interior.  Didn’t taste dry.
  3. Strong.  I’ll admit that I had my doubts, having encountered flat breads before.  I figured there was no way this thing was going to hold up to bacon, chunks of chicken, and a river of ranch.  Now I didn’t bother trying to be dainty or particularly careful, nevertheless the bread did not crack at the seam until the absolute last little bite and that was only after I had picked it up and put it down a number of times.  A definite ‘A’ for durability.  The hint of toasting probably helps with that.

Finally, this was a pretty filling meal.  There’s enough chicken and other ingredients to fill you up pretty well.  I mean, compared to a triple baconator or something, well, no.  But for normal mealtime?  With some fries or a salad, this was fine for a meal.  More than fine.  I think they need to emphasize that a bit more in their commercials, that it’s not just a ‘snack wrap’ sized thing, this is a legitimate sandwich.  Honestly it’s ripe for a ‘Wow this is good’ with ‘real people’ commercial.

So, there you go, yet another reason to go to Wendy’s.  Pretty tasty.  I’d easily order one again.