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More yogurt

Yes, the self-serve frozen yogurt and a zillion toppings craze is in full swing in the capital region.  One of the (seemingly endless) new options is Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt that just opened in the slowly-developing Mansion Square across Balltown from Mohawk Commons in Niskayuna…or Schenectady…wherever that line is, it’s right around there somewhere.

We gave it a try a week ago, wondering how it would stack up to the TCBY in Shop Rite Plaza.

The Bad:

  1. The layout is a lot more annoying than TCBY.  It’s just tighter, which means that if there are more than about 3 people getting yogurt it’s elbows and sighing and thinking ‘this isn’t worth it’.
  2. Although similar, the toppings bar seems tighter as well.  More sighing, more waiting.  Put the phone away, get your crushed cookies, pay, and GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!
  3. The machines are a little hard to control – maybe because they’re new?  It’s hard to judge when to stop, seems like you get too much, a sample cup is inevitably overloaded (I guess you might like that).

The Good:

  1. Tasty flavors.  The strawberry smokes TCBY’s.  The pistachio was pretty tasty,  a light, but easily identifiable pistachio.  I had a swirl of peanut butter and chocolate and it worked out pretty well, about on par with TCBY’s peanut butter cup, the one flavor I really like there.
  2. Topping selection about the same as TCBY.
  3. Covers are way easier to put on compared to TCBY’s.  Weak praise, but true.
  4. Sample your heart out.  This may be brought under control once the newness wears off, but for now you can basically just take all the sample cups you want and go to town.  In fact, I hope they do get it under control, because there was one guy there having a feast while we were trying to get yogurt, a stack of sample cups in his hand.

The cost is comparable.  The flavors seem a little stronger, fuller.  It may be the emphasis on ‘premium’ vs. low fat or no fat that a lot of TCBY flavors showcase, but whatever, they’re yummy.  All in all, we’re not sure the hassle of trying to get a yogurt there, especially once the hot weather hits, will be worth it.