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What’s the opposite of ‘cherry on top’?

Last weekend I decided we needed to make a trek to the Lee Outlets because I was hoping to find some shirts and figured it was about time for them to be clearing out the winter inventory.

So we drifted from store to store.

Empty handed after empty handed.


At least my wife found a couple of things.

Finally, one last stop at Lindt, hoping they finally had sorbettos back in stock.


Nope.  No shirts.  No sorbettos.

In despair I grabbed one of these new “hello my name is cookies & cream chocolate sticks”.  My wife, a caramel fan, was talked into a caramel brownie version.


They’re both sort of lame.  The cookies and cream has only a thin chocolate coating, much too thin, surrounding what barely passes for ‘cookies and cream’ flavor, mostly tasting like white chocolate.  Not a fan, neither of white chocolate nor this stick.  The caramel brownie was slightly better.  The caramel was decent and flowing, but there wasn’t much ‘brownie’ going on.  That’s what happens when you just want to come home with something after an hour drive.

There was also the purchase of a couple of new caramel lindor truffles.  Surprise!  Apparently they’re not very good, either.

You win some, you lose some.

To be fair, I did also manage to bring home two jars of clearance cherry pie filling from Harry & David.  They had a few interesting sounding flavors of Moose Munch, also, but I think MM is forever ruined for me after the ghastly Root Beer Float and Dark Chocolate Chipotle.  Seriously.  The mere thought of placing MM of any flavor, even plain, in my mouth induces a gag reflex and a crawling sensation at the back of my neck and my stomach churns just a bit.  I think if it were just the Chipotle I’d be OK since I only ate a little then threw it out.  But the next kind I tried after it was the root beer one.  It was so utterly foul that I can still taste it, years later.  I think once a piece of that popcorn hits my tongue that’s all I’ll be able to taste and it won’t be pretty.  The worst of it was that I didn’t chuck it after the first taste, I kept thinking it had to get better, so I probably ate 1/5 or 1/4 of the bag, which was just stupid.  Then again, I don’t really need Moose Munch in my life.  I was actually a little worried when I picked up the dark chocolate drizzled Popcorn Indiana kettle corn, and the first few bites were a little dicey, but it was a different enough flavor that it all worked out.  Phew.  Thank goodness I was able to eat that junk food.  And, in fact, a week or two ago I was coerced into picking up a bag of the peanut butter and chocolate drizzled version at Price Chopper.  Yup.  Absolutely coerced.  By seeing it in a little display by the sushi.  Hopped right into the cart.