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Clearance fun at Marshalls

For those of us that are…thrifty…places like Marshalls after a major holiday are just great fun.  Random stuff and things practically falling off the shelves, bedecked with festive clearance stickers 🙂

We stopped in a while back because I wanted to see if they had any storage containers (I’m getting sick of using ziplocks for so many baking ingredients – especially since Arnold’s no longer seems to be selling Nutty Grain bread, which means I am now baking all of our toast/sandwich bread – more on that if I manage to finally settle on a great recipe) as I was hoping for some higher quality containers for cheap plastic prices.  In addition to some success on that front, I scored a couple of fun clearance treats at the Clifton Park store (actually, it’s a HomeGoods…same difference).  One was brand new to me, the other was a newcomer.  And apparently there was a lot of reddish pink going on.

Soda and chocolate, oh yeah

On the left there is some sort of new wave, healthified soda sweetened with agave…100 calories, organic, and a bare handful of ingredients.  Meet oogave.  Hi there.  So I didn’t buy it for all those other reasons, although we’ll see whether I actually manage to see if I can wean myself off of (or more likely, just away from) ‘traditional’ soda, both regular and diet.  I bought it because I was intrigued by the flavor – grapefruit.  I was intrigued by the idea of a fancied up Fresca.



I have to admit, the funny, clever, but not too insider-y hipsterish that would have turned me off.  And, yeah, it’s healthier, but I don’t feel beaten over the head with it.

What’s that?  How’s it taste?  It’s pretty tasty, so long as you like grapefruit, which I do.  I’m not a soda scientist, so I can’t totally explain what I’m going to tell you, just go with it.  I’ve had 3 of the 4 bottles so far – each one didn’t seem overly carbonated, it’s a gentle, nearing-flat bubbliness, but after each one I always feel very gassy, very burpy.  I can’t explain it.  It’s almost a heavy feeling.  Going down, it has a smooth, clean taste, without a lot of flavor.  As it finishes sliding past your tongue you get a tickle of grapefruit, a flavor that then lingers pleasantly.  It’s definitely not syrupy, not overly sweet.  I like it.  They’ve got some interesting flavors that I’d try if I came across them – watermelon cream…hmm, maybe, vanilla cream, root beer…sure!  A number of other including strawberry rhubarb (heck no!).

That other box is some truffles from Seattle Chocolates.  First time I ran across these was at the Open Door Bookstore on Jay Street.  My wife gave me a couple of their items for Christmas – mmmm chocolate.  When I saw a clearance box of their truffles for $2 I was all in.  This box just has two flavors in it, dark chocolate and peanut butter.


One has a sort-of-creamy-but-actually-firmish dark chocolate filling,the other a peanut butter filling.  In each case the filling is tasty, but they suffer from one problem, you might be able to spot it in the photos on the box.

These guys make a tasty chocolate.  But then they put a too-thin not-quite-there chocolate coating on there.  They need more chocolate to balance the filling .  Yeah, they’re OK and nice at this price, but they feel like they could be better.

Stop in to Open Door and pick up a truffle to see if you like them.  And maybe a book.