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In which I try not to spout any cliches about ‘going bananas’

6oz-banana-lgWow.  So after loving Chobani’s creativity with their roll out of pear yogurt, but not being impressed with the actual execution, I hesitantly gave the 2% fat banana a shot.  This also failed the scoop test, which I’m beginning to think only works with sturdier fruit like berries, but unlike the pear, this succeeded beyond my wildest expectations after a thorough stir.

Somehow, Chobani has taken low-fat yogurt and some smooshed banana goo and made…banana cream pie filling.  I’m dead serious, I could’ve sworn I was eating banana cream pie filling.  Now, bear in mind, I’m not a big banana cream pie eater.  However, I know ‘fake’ banana cream pie flavored yogurt when I taste it and I know fake banana flavor (I’ve got some banana flavor extract in my cabinet right now, in fact, used to make banana meringues).  I don’t get a hint of fake banana flavor at all, which surprised the heck out of me.

While Chobani has managed to completely liquify actual bananas to remove any hint of banana chunks, the goo on the bottom is clearly banana.  I’m also a bit thrown by the fact that this yogurt doesn’t seem to have the distinctive Greek yogurt tang to it, so when you stir it up you just get a lovely, creamy, banana-y flavor.  Rich, not overly sweet.

Definite thumbs up here.  Very yummy.  No fake banana bite, no yogurt tang, I think anyone that likes banana yogurt or banana cream pie would like this, even if they don’t normally like Greek yogurt.  I’ll get this again.