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OSJL to the rescue! Also: Wal-Mart sightings

Just when I had given up on my search for the elusive last quarter of the limited edition Kettle Chips, Ocean State Job Lot in Schenectady came through for me.

kettle salsa
I was pretty happy to have found the Red Chili and Jalapeno Jack at Honest Weight, but whilst searching (in vain) for a couple of other items at OSJL, there was a pile of Red Chili and Salsa with Mesquite – the missing, uh, link?  Chip?  Anyway.  They had them.  I gladly grabbed a bag in my overloaded hands (of course I had several things, even though they didn’t have what I was looking for) and brought those suckers home.  I didn’t bother with another bag of the Red Chili, I didn’t really care for them.

I also made a quick stop at Wal-Mart on 9 for a Biscoff stock up and there was a little ad sticking out of the shelf pushing the Biscoff, but most interestingly, it also showed the crunchy variety!  Now there was none of the shelf (grrr), nor even a label indicating that there should be some, but it gives me hope that the more cookie-ful version will soon be available to more fully transform my toast into dessert.  Also, given the rush of new Oreos, I had a quick gawk and, sure enough, new Oreos!  Along with the standard fare, double stufs in both chocolate and golden, and more Birthday Cake Oreos, there were, in both chocolate cookie and golden cookies, Limited Edition Mega Stuf Oreos!  I’m seeing precious little buzz about these in a search, nothing (of course) on the official site, maybe something on Facebook, and some 4-packs of each type on Amazon for $25.  There are a few on ebay, also.  Frankly I had my hand out for the chocolate version, but decided not to pull the trigger.  I know what these taste like, already.  I’m not sure how much more creme they have than double stuf, but I think I can mentally (taste-ally?) extrapolate (extrapotaste?).