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Chobani goes outside the box

I have to hand it to Chobani for coming up with this one – pear non-fat greek yogurt.  Yes, I said pear.  I do like pears so I was pretty excited to give this a try, I guess I didn’t really think it through, though, as we’ll see.6oz-pear-lg

Finally saw these on the shelf at Target and picked one up for a less-than-stellar $1.22 (other flavors were $1.29, though, so I guess it was a deal – also, it was $1.29 at Price Chopper).  Still…pear!  So I got one.

If you’ve eaten Chobani’s fruit on the bottom, you what what you have here – plain non-fat yogurt layered on top of pieces of pear and some peary-flavored goo.  I know there are (at least) two kinds of eaters out there – the stirrers and the non-stirrers.  I’m usually a non-stirrer, delving down to grab some fruit on the tip of the spoon with some yogurt.  I tried that here and was disappointed at first.  The main problem is that this is pear.  Let me explain.

Some pears are not super flavorful, they’re often a sort of subtle flavor.  As I ate the first half of this cup the weak pear was simply no match for the Greek yogurt tang.  On a whim I went with a stir and this improved it quite a bit.  I think it was mixing up the pear goo with the yogurt that did it, but I also noticed that the pear pieces were more flavorful, more ‘Hey, I’m a pear!  Taste the goodness that is me!  Pear!’  So the second half was better than the first.  It’s still one of the weaker Chobani flavors I’ve had, the pear just can’t really keep up.  Still, it’s different.  Ok, not as different as the wacky coffee with dark chocolate chips thing they’ve got going or the…yeesh…fig with orange zest.  So, if you want to give this one a try, wait until it’s on sale and give it a good stir, even you non-stirrers out there.  I’m curious if those that are somewhat indifferent to pears might like this more than people that like tearing a bite out of a perfectly ripe, juice pear.