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Thoughts for food

  1.  pastrami  Anybody else think Subway’s pastrami this time around was WAY fattier than it has been in the past?  I mean, you always get some fatty pieces, and frankly I prefer a little fatty flavor on my pastrami most of the time, but I couldn’t help longing for some meat to go with my fat this time around.  Effort needs improvement, Subway.
  2. osjl Are you shopping at one of our local Ocean State Job Lots?  If not, why not?  If you love food, you can find a lot to love for not much $ at OSJL.  There’s some stuff they have all the time (Like Bob’s Red Mill products?  They’ve got a LOT of them, probably twice as many varieties as Price Chopper for example, and they seem to be cheaper than anywhere else around here that I see.) and also a wide assortment of things where you ‘just never know what you’re going to find’.  True, there’s a thrift store feel to some of the store, but the food sections are not to be mocked and much better than Big Lots.  I found Biscoff spread there before seeing it at any of the local marts.  They have chip assortments that leave most others in the dust, especially a large selection of Herr’s products, those of the meat-flavored chip products fame…or infamy (I got some fantastic buffalo/blue cheese curls there).  Then, of course, there’s the dependable supply of Ritter Sport bars for less then $2.  In fact, they’re often on sale for $1.50.  Compare that to Target where I think they’re in the $2.70-2.80 neighborhood, a little too upscale a neighborhood for Ritter Sport if you ask me.  Not the widest selection, but most places only seem to have a couple flavors, anyway.  Looking for some Christmas candy in the middle of January (that’s good until September?) – yup, OSJL is the place you need to go.

    Plus all sorts of just random ‘international’ foods.  Want a masala box mix that seems translated in English?  OSJL.  Trappist preserves, various peanut butters, pasta, baking ingredients, candy.  Hey, want a giant bag of ‘Angel Treats’?  Turns out there’s some company/distributor that buys Hershey’s baking chips (unclear if they’re first run or seconds – they look and taste 100% normal to me) and sells them as Angel Treats.  For way less $$$.  I realize I’m giving away a lot of secrets if you haven’t dared to step inside, because you’ll be grabbing up all my snacks, but seriously, you need to go here.  Again, try to ignore the $3 teeshirts (unless you need some of those) and the cheap lawn furnishings (again, unless you need them), and find your way to the food.  It’s a great way to try some ‘exotic’ treats on the cheap.  And while you’re there, pick up some window blinds…we did.  Along with a cartful of other stuff.  And while you’re at it, stop by the website or their facebook page and sign up for internet-only coupons and get stuff even cheaper.  They conveniently place most of their on-sale-with-coupon stuff in one handy place!  Plus, they just gave a huge donation of food to the local food bank.  Nice.  (Note that I can only vouch for the selection and upkeep of two locations – Clifton Park and Schenectady – Clifton Park seems to have a better selection of chips, Schenectady of sweets.  For what it’s worth, the Schenectady location seems a tad less sad than the CP store, due to the less-cramped-feeling food section in Schenectady and the CP location being in that sad mall way back off of 146 – so go there and make it thrive!)
  3. Here’s where I let you in on another location for snack food scoring.  I finally tracked down a bag of Kettle’s Red Chili limited edition kettle chips.  The JunkFoodGuy has a review at his site.  I think I mostly agree with his flavor profile description, but I don’t find them as much of a win as he did.  I’d rather have their sweet onion chips any day.  Still, I was glad to finally score a bag after reading reviews of their limited edition flavors all over the junk food blogosphere.  Where did I find them?  Well, I sort of had a feeling they might be there, but hadn’t had a chance to check until recently, and, sure enough, there on the cramped shelves of the Honest Weight Food Co-op were three of the four limited edition Kettles.  I also grabbed the Jalapeno Jack, but skipped the Cheddar Beer.  It might surprise you given the overall crunchy organic grassfed bulk-bin-wheat-germ granola-ness of the tight environs of the Co-op with the armada of fuel-efficient mini-cars filling their cramped parking lot, but you can find some good snacks here.  Check the endcap at the rear of the chip/snack aisle.  A good selection of Popcorn, Indiana products also…which leads me to…
  4. cinnamon sugar kettlecornOne of the best snacks I’ve had lately is far and away the Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn from Popcorn, Indiana.  I’ve been shaking cinnamon sugar over my popcorn for longer than I’ve been cutting sodium and adding a generous dose of c/s to kettle corn?  Oh, yeah.  Maybe I’ll have to bring home a big bag from the Big E this year and douse it with c/s.  Or just pop up a batch of my own (kind of a hassle generally replete with burns, but yummy).  My current food find regret is never finding Wild and Mild Fritos.  I really wanted to try those.  Alas.  And that I recently finished my second, and last, bag of Gingerbread Oreos.  Man, those were good.