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Early bird gets the not on sale stuff

A trip to Target this week revealed that most of the Christmas clearance is gone, but there are a few things still hiding out in the seasonal section.  What you will find in partially-filled aisles if you look around are: Valentines Day candy (when did getting your sweetheart creepy Star Wars-branded candy tins…or giant (like the size of my forearm) “semi-solid chocolate” fish?  and what in the name of Ick is “semi-solid chocolate”?  *shudder*), St. Patrick’s Day items, and, yes – Easter candy.  You can already get your Cadbury chocolate eggs.

The seasonal display clearly still needs some fleshing out, but if you want some seasonal favorites (or “semi-solid chocolate” fish) before they go on sale…head to Target.

Update: annnnnnnd there it is:chocfish