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What a day

What a great day I had with my wife yesterday.  Filled with spending time together and, well, Capital District food.

Lunch was typically great subs at DiBella’s.  After a stop at Huck Finn’s, we made a stop at the Honest Weight Food Co-op.  It wasn’t the reason for our stop, but I grabbed a pile of bananas for Christmas banana breads and had my fingers crossed that they might have some of the snacks I’ve been unable to find.  Score!  They had 3 of the 4 limited batch Kettle Brand chips!  I wasn’t interested in the Cheddar Beer ones, but I eagerly snapped up both the Red Chili and Jalapeno Jack.  Big smile on my face, I gotta say.

From there we were headed to see Hitchcock at the Spectrum, but had time to kill.  Well, seemed like the perfect time to finally pop in on the Cheese Traveler who we’d been following on Facebook.  After some browsing about in the moderately hopping shop, including a sample, served up by one of said farm’s owners, of some tasty pork from Tilldale Farm.  We were talked into trying some cheese samples (it wasn’t hard) and ended up walking out with some crackers and a thick slice of mild and creamy Gorgonzola Cremificato from Italy.  Can’t wait to dip into that today. (Update: It’s as delicious as the sample we had at the store promised, I smeared a hunk of it on a piece of wax paper while baking and snacked on it by squooshing up smears with slices of one of our last delicious Pinova apples from Bowman Orchards).

After the movie, which was quite good, we made our final stop at Union Cafe.  Happily, there was a new, Greek special and I nommed* on keftethes, which was served over rice, all covered in a mysteriously tasty tomato-based sauce.  Jessica, an owner, stopped by to inquire how it was as they try to figure out what specials will work (I said I’d order it again).  It turns out the surprise in the sauce was cinnamon.  Very interesting.  And tasty.  As a sneak preview, Jessica indicated that you might be seeing the keftethes show up again served over mashed potatoes.  If that isn’t a stick-to-the-ribs winter night dish, I don’t know what is.  They were moist, tasty, chock full of big bits of garlic, etc.  Once again, Union Cafe proves they know meat.

Today, a stop at the Schenectady Greenmarket and baking baking baking baking baking with some slow cooked london broil for dinner.

Great Albany eating this weekend.


* please note that I don’t care if some people want ‘nom’ to go away.  I don’t use it much and really only when writing, so…well…tough.  I’ll probably continue to use it sparingly.  If things are tasty, I will continue to nom them 🙂