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Recipes and the internet

Recipes are certainly abundant on the internet.  Some are good, some aren’t.  I often save recipes I find and try them when I get the chance, then discard, modify, or save them depending on the results.

One downside of internetted recipes is that sometimes they call for things you don’t have and sometimes cannot even find where you live.  In making a Tangerine Butter Cookie from Better Homes and Gardens I find that I am asked for ‘white cornmeal’.   White cornmeal?  Huh.  OK, well, one of the reviewers said they used yellow and that worked fine, so that’s what I did.  But, curiosity piqued, I tried to find out about this white cornmeal (for all I know it’s readily available, but I don’t recall seeing it).  I see that it appears to be medium ground, same as yellow, so it won’t change the texture of the cookies.  But, as often happens, a simple search reveals why you need to be careful about what you trust just because ‘you saw it online’:

white corn meal

Oh, the cookies?  They turned out pretty good.  I might make a few changes, though – including removing the cornmeal, it just seems to add a weird grittiness that doesn’t have much place in a soft butter cookies if you ask me.