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Cinnamon and Sugar Pringles, what’s the point?

I’m on board with other Cinnamon and Sugar flavored Pringles reviews I’ve seen – they’re not bad, they’re just…bland.  It seems like a great idea if you don’t think about it too hard, especially if, like me, you love cinnamon and sugar (and especially cinnamon of which there just may be 3 different varieties in my cupboard).

But these are just a waste of time.  I mean, they’re still good Pringles and there’s this brief hint of cinnamon and sugar with each bite, but they’re not BLASTED with c&s flavor – and it’s not like it takes a lot of cinnamon and sugar to blast that flavor.  The taste of plain Pringles is the dominant one.

The Impulsive Buy found them just OK, not much c&s flavor.  Rich at the Fat Guys has the same reaction, so let’s just say it’s unanimous.

Just to finish this off, like the crumbs of Pringles past kicking around at the bottom of the can that come pouring out all over the floor when you’re trying to get the last few Pringles out of the can and you have to tip it because your fingers can’t reach them, I’ll leave you with this: If you are selling something that is supposed to be cinnamon and sugar flavored, you have failed if, at the bottom of the container, there is not a speck of cinnamon sugar that has freed itself from its bonds of flavortude to the primary cinnamon sugar delivery vehicle.  Such was the case here, nary a speck of sugar, not a glimmer of cinnamon.

Eat up something better than these this holiday season, Albany.