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Gingerbread O-yes!-reos

Now THAT is more like it!  Forget about those horrifying Candy Corn flavored creme Oreos, Oreo has more than made up for those travesties of, well, not ‘nature’, I mean, how natural are candy corn….ahem…with these super-ultra-awesome Gingerbread flavored creme Oreos.  I won’t bore you with photos of an Oreo on a table this time, you can check them out at Rich’s spot-on review at FatGuyFoodBlog. (update: and at Spoil Your Dinner!)

Do you like gingerbread?  Do you like gingerbread cookies?  You need to try these.  They are (insert your favorite laudatory phrase here).  I found them at the Walmart on Route 9 in Clifton Park – but they’re tricksey, my precious, they’re not hanging out with the Oreos on the cookie aisle shelf, they’ve got another Oreo endcap by the frozen stuff and that’s where they are, acting all cool in their yellow bag surrounded by their Oreo brethren, you can almost overlook them.

Unlike with the Candy Corn fails, here the mild short-breadish cookie works perfectly with the creme.  It does little more than add the crunch to the star of the show, the gingerbread creme.  As soon as you peel back the top of the package you get slammed with a thick, holiday slug in the nose .  Mmmm…gingerbread!  Do yourself a favor and take out a couple and then close up the bag and put it someplace inconvenient, otherwise you might just scarf down the bag.  Yes.  That good.  (Bear in mind that I really like gingerbread.)

Another plus, these are in the new standard peel-top Oreo packaging (how new is that, anyway?  I don’t usually buy Oreos) so you get a normal number of them.  Not like the super special (read as: rip-off) special packaging.

Maybe the biggest plus for me is that these aren’t something I can readily whip up.  More and more I am disappointed in purchased foods because I find myself thinking that I could make it better/fresher/healthier/etc.  But these…yeah, I could make the cookie.  I already make a mean regular Oreo (thanks to King Arthur Flour!) and can basically fill them with whatever.  I know how to make shortbread and could probably replicate the wafer easily enough.  I’ll have to explore the ingredients a bit more (maybe when they’re gone – for now if I have the bag I’m just eating them), it might be a simple matter of getting gingerbread spices in there, but I don’t really see the benefit of the effort on these.  Of course, that might change when these limited edition puppies aren’t available anymore.  Yeah, I mean I could just make gingerbread cookies, but these are different.  I  want to say ‘lighter’.  Gingerbread cookies tend to be dense and a little hard (yes, you can make soft gingerbread cookies, but that’s also completely different).  So here you have a creamy gingerbread cookie that still has the crunch of a cookie.

You know what the creme is like?  It’s like they made gingerbread cookies into a spread like Biscoff, just a bit thicker.

So, long story short – buy these, Albany.  Buy some decorating gel or something and draw little faces on them or whatever and pretend they’re gingerbread men.  Yummy.