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It’s a screme

So I saw some pictures of these Cadbury Screme Eggs on the Junk Food Guy’s site and knew that if I ran across them at the right price I’d have to give them a shot.  I’m one of those people that actually digs Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter, although I try to limit myself to 2 or 3 a season.  And, honestly, they start to get not so tasty after that many (even if eaten days apart).

Well, there they were at Target in a big ole display for like 80-odd cents.  Into the basket with ye, ye scurvy – uh – Halloween candy.

That green fondant’s not a symptom of scurvy, is it?

Moving on…

Now normally I just cram Creme Eggs into my mouth whole after getting off most of the foil wrapping except for that little bit stuck to the hardened dribble of fondant that leaked out the seam and nom that thing until my heart starts to race from the sugar overload and hope that foil is digestible…

Kidding.  These usually get eaten from the end until it’s possible to suck out a portion of the gelatinous fondant and then then chewed up in a few bites that contain a more reasonable mix of gooey center and chocolate.  Then I spend a half hour or so trying to get the chocolate and fondant off my hand and a week or so getting over the guilt so I can have another one.  But as these incredibly high quality, professional-looking photos show (stop laughing), I cut this sucker right in two.

And?  It’s a Creme Egg.  The yellow center is now green, a nice Halloweeny green.  Lots of void space like most Creme Eggs.  It tastes exactly like a Creme Egg, just like they claim.  It’s a novelty, nothing more and nothing less.  Except now you get to regret eating these things twice a year instead of once.

Ooog.  At least I only bought one.

Junk Food Betty has about the same reaction, although it looks like I got a cleaner cut through the ‘yolk’, probably because mine was sort of chilly and not as runny.