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Is this seriously a question that is asked “frequently”?

I won’t bore anyone with how I stumbled across this…but on the European Oreo site there is a FAQ page.  This is, apparently, a “frequently asked question”:

I can’t twist my Oreo.  What am I doing wrong?

Well, my first guess would be “Trying to feed yourself.”  But the brave folks at EurOreo (see what I did there?) gave this question (frequently asked!) due consideration to help out all those questioning (frequently!) Europeans…that don’t know how to separate Oreos…

There certainly is an art to it! If you grip the biscuit too hard, they will break due to the soft, crumbly texture. In our experience the best approach is to hold the biscuit at the top and bottom as if opening a screw top jar. Oreo has a lovely creamy filling and if the biscuit is too cold (below -18ºC, certainly not helped by our weather!) the cream becomes much firmer, making the twisting process more difficult. When the biscuit is warmer you will find the process easier. Mmm… hot Oreo!

“hot Oreo”?  Yikes!  Just what the heck is going on in Europe these days where taking apart an Oreo is so difficult they’re patronizingly telling these frequent questioners not be alarmed at their inability to do what any 2 year old can do because, hey, there’s “an art to it!”

update: Apparently it is a problem: link.  And yes, we should weep.