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Candy Corn Ore-NO!s for the Junk Food Guy

So the Junk Food Guy was looking for some crowdsourcing on reviews for the Limited Edition Candy Corn flavor cream Oreos.  I managed to score a couple of bags at the Clifton Park Target (they are only available at Target).  You might have to hunt, the marketing geniuses put them on one of those magazine/candy endcaps between the front and back banks of registers.  I only found them as I was leaving after failing to find them in the cookie area.

So, here we go, Candy Corn Oreos.  Yeah, they sound like a bad idea to just about everyone and, yeah, they are.

Wow, what a great packaging job!

Nice quality control there.

So the colors are pretty spot on for candy corn, I’ll give them that.

That’s a serious slab o’ candy corn flavor creme!

So, are they good?

No.  No they are not.  The smell as you open the bag is really sweet, as expected, but not anything like a bag of candy corn.  The first ingredient is “sugar” after all.  There’s something there, but I just can’t place my nostrils on it.  I tried one fully assembled for the full effect.  It was certainly sweet with a typical double-stuf oreo squish (and one cookie broke upon biting, as usual).  But it didn’t taste like candy corn.  Again, I can’t place my taste buds on it, either, but it ain’t no candy corn that I ever had.  There’s a flavor, an artificial unidentifiable flavor.  The flavors are just listed as “natural and artificial”.

I pulled one apart and tried the creme by itself, easy enough to do as you can see in the above photo.  There is, of course, no difference between the yellow and the orange in flavor.  Just sweet and weird.  I wish I was some sort of flavorista, but I can’t name what the heck I’m tasting here. I even closed my eyes and tried to pretend it was candy corn.  Yeah, not so much.

I tried the cookie by itself, which I guess is the typical white cookie from Oreo.  They’re not very good.  Not very sweet.  Sort of a distant relative to a shortbread, actually, the sort of relative you see every other Thanksgiving and nobody really talks to them and one of them breaks a plate and everyone sort of thinks they maybe did it on purpose so they won’t be invited back and the kids just want to watch your TV because apparently they still don’t have cable?  Yeah.  Like that.

So, I did my duty and put down one more, fully assembled, for a grand total of 3 out of this oh-so-generous package of about 20 or 21 cookies.  It was a couple too many.  They’re sort of just sitting heavily in my stomach as the flavor coats my tongue to the point where the next step after hitting ‘publish’ will be getting a drink to try to clear it away.  I really wish I could think of something, anything to compare these to, but I’m coming up empty.  I can’t believe they put much effort into these.  They made them look like candy corn and then called it a day.  Despite the “candy corn flavor creme”, it’s not even in the neighborhood.  If this stuff wandered through Candy Corn’s ‘hood it’d be slapped around and mugged in the first five minutes.

Oreos have come a long way, but this is a major step back.  Yikes.  Junk Food Guy, I tracked ’em down, I photographed ’em, I tried ’em…and all I can say is these are definitely Candy Corn Ore-NO!s.  The rest of the bag will be unleashed upon the poor, unwitting souls at my office.

You can find something better to Eat Up, Albany.  We can only hope the time is indeed limited for these.

(thanks to the Junk Food Guy for the linkage, the search continues for someone that actually thinks these have “candy corn flavored creme”)


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  1. The closest target to me is in Amsterdam and they haven’t even stocked these yet as of Wednesday. It’s good to know I could eventually find them if I took a trip to Clifton Park but after seeing all these negative reviews, I’ll just stick to my candy corn white chocolate m&m’s for now.

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